Welcome to our Seabag! This is our place where we pack all our shit for transport. It’s an easy way to find what you’re looking for and contains several interesting items.

Be sure to check out our Alice Pack:

See what types of items are available for our Vets.  This is a great place for our Vets and Supporters to put an item up for sale, donation, lend or whatever.. We’ll have plenty of items available for our Vets to browse. This spot will offer Autos for sale, Rooms for Rent, Furniture for Sale, Clothing for donation or anything you think a vet could use.. We don’t make guarantees nor do we Promise you a Rose Garden, so anything you find, offer or purchase is between you and the Vet..

Next check out our RuckSack:

This page is a great resource of links to pages that can be helpful to our Vets.. We’ll break them down into categories such as Service Animals, Vet Friendly Establishments, Lending Institutions and Employment locations.  Give it a try and find something useful.