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Audrey’s Toy Chest

MA22 will never let our Veterans’ children suffer through Christmas.


That’s why we teamed up with Audrey from the Brick V.A. Clinic.

Our goal: provide presents for the children of our fellow vets!

What can you do? Click on Audrey’s Toy Chest Wish List

Why? Christmas can be a difficult time for our Veterans suffering with PTSD or many other issues directly or indirectly related from their military service.

How does it help? In 2019, 8 Veterans avoided suicide over the thought of not having presents for their children at Christmas Time. Many of our vets struggle financially and emotionally to survive throughout the year. The pressures of not having toys under the tree can add up and increase the family stress.

We hope you can help us, help them!

Please click on Audrey’s Toy Chest Wish List


If you would like to donate, please visit our

Donation Page


Send an email to Info@Ma22.org

Call or Text Dennis: 732-684-1314

Are you in a crisis and need to talk to another vet who understands?

Visit Vets4Warriors or Call 1-855-838-8255