Operation HookIt

Thanks to our Veterans and Boat Owners, the first Operation HookIt was a huge success. We have learned many lessons and will build upon those lessons for the future. We have opened our registration process to attract as many Veterans, Boat Owners, Bait Stores and Volunteers as possible. Please fill out the form below and stay tuned for updates. 


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Operation Hook It Pre-Tournament/contest for the June 1 to June 22 event


There will be no in person pre-tournament/contest meeting. Entrants are responsible for reading, understanding, and adhering to all the following rules.

All Veterans who have registered thru the website www.ma22.org/hookit for this specific event are eligible to participate

This is a photographic event. With fish measured to the nearest quarter inch

All participants must have a valid, working e-mail address. Just prior to the start of this event, the Operation Hook it team will e-mail each participant their own unique identification number. That number must appear in any picture of a fish submitted for consideration. We recommend that participants write that number on an index card or sheet of paper in print dark enough and large enough to show up in photographs. When taking a picture of fish to be entered, place the card or piece of paper in the photo with the fish.

Lines in the water will start at 0600 / 6 AM on Tuesday, June 1, 2021. Fishing will end at 1900 / 7 PM on Tuesday, June 22, 2021. Times are Eastern Standard Time.

By signing the entry form or signing up through the website, you are agreeing to the disclaimer on the entry form.

Prizes and or recognition will be awarded for the largest thru the fifth largest fish of each target species caught and photographed. Prizes will be listed on the Operation Hook It Facebook page and the Ma Deuce Deuce Website. Prizes are subject to change up until the start of the tournament / contest.


During The Tournament/ Contest

Boundaries are all legal New Jersey marine waters. Boats must leave from and return to a NJ port.

Fishing areas must be open to the public during the time period an individual is fishing the tournament / contest. If a fishing area is closed to the public during certain times, then it is closed to tournament/Contest fishing during that time period.

All fish must be caught on a rod and reel and within compliance of the law.

Entrants must hook and fight the fish on his/her own and must be the only person handling the fishing rod. The only assistance the angler may have is to have someone net, tail or leader the fish during the landing.


Submitting a Fish


To be counted, all fish must be measured and photographed with a measuring device clearly showing the length of the fish and your identification number clearly visible.

Any fish of the target species which is of legal size and within published NJ limits may be kept at the angler’s discretion. All undersized fish will be released.  Fish that are legal to keep, but not of the target species are also able to be kept at the anglers discretion, we would love to see these pictures as well.

Fish will be measured with from tip of the nose to the end of the tail held in a normal position. (not squeezed, pinched or stretched) the length does not include tail filaments

The measuring device must be placed along the bottom (belly) side of the fish.

The picture must be taken with the camera directly over the fish pointing straight down.

The measuring device must be lying straight alongside the fish and be clearly visible in the picture for the full length of the fish being submitted. If any part of the measuring device is hidden by the fish, the tournament number card, or any other object, the entry will be disqualified.  If the length of the fish cannot be determined from the picture, the entry will be disqualified

Any fish not photographed as described above will be disqualified. It is the responsibility of the angler to ensure the fish is photographed properly.

 Individuals must supply their own means of taking a digital photo. Digital cameras, cell phones, smart phones, stills from video cameras, and iPods with photo capabilities will be accepted.


Tournament /Contest Conclusion


 At or before the conclusion of the tournament / contest, all entrants who wish to enter their fish must e-mail the picture of their largest fish to the tournament committee. Late entry’s cannot be accepted

Pictures are to be sent via e mail to the listed e mail address

Pictures must be submitted by 2100 /9 PM on Wednesday, 23 June 2021. They may be submitted at any time prior to this deadline, beginning with the start lines in water time listed above which is 0600 1 June

With the picture, submit within the body of the e-mail the following:

Your name, your identification number, Date and time of day for this catch

If two or more fish of the same length are tied for an award, the submission received with the earliest time of day first will break the tie. This is by clock time, not by date as this event is multiple days if there is a double tie, ie 20 inches both at 0900, the winner will be determined by, and at the discretion of the judges


Submit only one picture per fish. If multiple pictures are submitted for the same fish, the committee will judge the first received, or the first in the list of pictures if they are all sent in one e-mail. You may submit pictures of all target species, as well as non target species fish.

No photoshopping or other photo editing is permitted. Original unedited pictures only.

The committee reserves the right to make editing adjustments to the submitted photo for clarity, such as to read the ruler or the identification number.

The committee makes the final ruling on the length of the fish submitted based on the photograph submited

The committee will determine the length of the fish by rounding up to the nearest one quarter inch based on the submitted photograph.

The committee, based on the submitted photograph, reserves the right to make editing adjustments or to disqualify the entry (at their discretion) of any submission that attempts to show a false measurement using a forced perspective technique.

The committee is not responsible for submissions failing to arrive by the deadline due to technical reasons beyond the committee’s control, such as internet disruptions, power outages, etc.

Each entrant may only win one prize. While an entrant may enter multiple fish for this tournament, only the largest submitted entry will be considered for a prize. If you submit entries for multiple targeted species you may only win prizes for one

Committee rulings on judgments are final.


Any entrant submitting a fish which was tampered with or was not caught by him or her within the rules and regulations as listed,  will be disqualified and may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Anglers who have been disqualified from this will be prohibited from future entry to these events

Operation Hook It and Ma Deuce Deuce reserves the right to use any and all photographs submitted for prizes and for future promotion of this event  

 Prize Drawings will be determined prior to the event and will be based on availability of said prizes. However all fish submitted will be recognized and listed on the website after the conclusion of the event